Business Effectiveness

So excellent MDM can enable improved business performance through control, transparency and sustained high quality data. However MDM is also a business-as-usual platform for the development of more advanced, data-centric business capability.

In the supply chain, managing demand and supply uncertainty index and optimising stock and customer delivery performance requires accurate, dependable data on products, inventory, supply lead times and demand. MDM delivers the platform of high quality data, our advanced analytics then delivers powerful business insights leading to large reductions in inventory, releasing significant funds back to the business.

Our real-time analytic app calculates the demand and supply uncertainty and dynamically re-calibrates target and re-order stock levels. This can deliver up to 40% reductions in inventory levels without adverse impact on the current operations. The app is deployed in a non-intrusive way with minimal impact on your existing systems and processes. This is advanced data management in action, delivering real, sustainable business outcomes.

Case Study

An international aerospace components manufacturer released £120 million back to the business by improving inventory management through deployment of our methodology. This dramatic business outcome was achieved in under 6 months.

Case Study Diagram

In insurance, catastrophe risk management requires accurate, dependable data on insured asset location, type and value. Again, MDM delivers the platform of high quality data, our advanced analytics then delivers the business insight leading to improved compliance reporting in an industry context of ever-increasing regulation.

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